9th CSF Symposium in Dresden was a great success

The BIOMED team also benefited from the broad expertise of the speakers and discussed in particular quality assurance issues related to BIOMED's CSF controls used in laboratory analytics for internal quality control. It is required for quality control to consider the quotients in context and not only to control the single values. An integrated overall result is a challenge. Once for the internal quality control in the laboratory, as well as for the external quality control in the form of interlaboratory tests.

In other presentations, the speakers noted that CSF cytology is an integral part of the liquor diagnostic step program. The preparation of CSF cell preparations and the necessity of cell count determination were also discussed.

A lecture by Prof. Dr. med. B. Wildemann from Heidelberg, dealt with the current topic of "CSF findings in COVID-19 patients." Wildemann discussed that direct infection of the central nervous system with SARS-CoV-2 seems to be very rare and no classical cell and protein patterns of intrathecal inflammation appear.

The 9th CSF Symposium in Dresden ended with a buffet lunch including many stimulating discussions about the diverse and well-founded lectures in the morning. We would like to thank the organizers labopart - Medizinische Laboratorien and the Neurological Clinic of the Municipal Hospital Dresden for the successful and extremely informative symposium.

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08-02-2022 |

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