Blue is the new green - cardboard instead of plastic

Blue is the new green - cardboard instead of plastic

According to the slogan “blue is the new green”, we are reducing our ecological footprint. We are among the first IVD product suppliers to ship their products in cardboard instead of environmentally harmful Styrofoam in the future.

The color “blue” in our logo stands for safety and reliability. But it also stands for our environmentally conscious and sustainable actions. True to the principle that “blue is the new green,” we are replacing Styrofoam with biodegradable cardboard boxes, thereby improving our eco-balance.

The new ecological shipping box consists of several layers. This keeps the contents safely chilled. Our validation shows: The cardboard boxes are even much better than our old Styrofoam box in terms of cooling. “The cool cardboard box” thus overtakes the Styrofoam box in terms of function and sustainability. We are happy to pass on these two benefits to our customers.

Another plus point of the new box in terms of sustainability: it is produced in Germany. This means lower CO2 emissions due to shorter delivery routes.

The most important aspect for the sustainable cardboard boxes is the reduction of plastic in our working environment. #Reduceplastic is becoming more and more important in our society. Plastics are chemically very stable. Plastic products only ever break down into smaller pieces over decades if they are not incinerated. According to the consumer advice center, a plastic bottle even takes several centuries to degrade. Dangerous microplastics penetrate our environment and damage the ecological balance. Renewable and biodegradable raw materials are an alternative for our environment and for our ecological footprint. We have chosen this alternative with the new Isowell shipping box. It is made from renewable raw materials. It was produced climate neutrally in Germany. It is biodegradable and can be recycled. Most importantly, it helps us and our customers reduce our ecological footprint. True to the slogan: “blue is the new green”.

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03-10-2021 |

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