CSF diagnostics - our new Duotrol® controls

CSF diagnostics - our new Duotrol® controls

Our well-established control for CSF diagnostics, Duotrol® CSF Liquor, is now reinforced by the new accuracy control Duotrol® CSQ Advanced, which replaces the previous Duotrol® CSQ Liquor.

In addition to the standard parameters of CSF diagnostics, it offers values for ferritin in CSF for the detection of cerebral hemorrhages. Furthermore, by lowering the values for IgA to ≤ 3.00 mg/L and IgM to ≤ 1.00 mg/L in the normal range, the updated requirements of the Rili-BÄK of December 2019 are met. In addition to our established product portfolio we now offer a specific control for the determination of oligoclonal IgG bands in human serum and CSF. Oligoclonal bands (OKB) or different fractions of oligoclonal IgG in the gamma range occur in CSF in subacute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (CNS).

The serum-based, lyophilized specialty control Duotrol® Oligo is a qualitative control for the determination of IgG-specific oligoclonal banding (OKB) in serum and CSF by isoelectric focusing (IEF).
The detection of OKB is based on a parallel gel electrophoretic separation of IgG antibody fractions from serum and CSF.

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