How to permanently save shipping costs and protect the environment

How to permanently save shipping costs and protect the environment

We tell you how you can save on your shipping costs and reduce your ecological footprint at the same time by ordering in a resource-friendly way.

The mail order business is booming. Since Corona at the latest, it has become part of everyday life to have clothing, electronics and food conveniently delivered to your home. In B2B, goods have been shipped for a long time. Whether private or B2B the shipping costs and especially the costs for environmentally friendly packaging material are becoming more and more expensive. One of the reasons for this is that the prices for wood and thus also for paper and cardboard are currently rising worldwide. The reason for this is global economic growth and the steady growth in e-commerce, which in turn is leading to a shortage of resources and thus to rising prices. Higher personnel and gasoline costs also affect prices.

Shipping costs can be reduced with a few simple tricks. In doing so, you not only save your private wallet or help your company to work more economically, but you also save valuable resources and contribute to more sustainability.

Simply increase your order value

Many mail order companies offer free shipping for orders above a certain value by delivery at the same country. In the private sector, this is often around €25.00 to €30.00. In B2B this is higher depending on the product. Therefore, you should generally consider when placing your next order whether you would like to order additional items in order to reach the respective trigger limit for free shipping. Possibly the selected mail order company has articles in the assortment, which you would have ordered otherwise elsewhere. With these additional items you may reach the minimum order value and pay no postage at all. It may also make sense to order a larger quantity of products, as many items have a long shelf life when closed.

Bundle orders

Instead of ordering once a week and paying shipping costs each time, you can also bundle your orders and place an order once a month, for example. This saves you some of the shipping costs and conserves valuable resources at the same time. If the bundled orders then reach the trigger level for free shipping, you even pay no postage at all.

The bundled orders result in less cardboard and packaging material being needed. In addition, the parcel carrier has to deliver packages less often to the same person or company. This saves other resources, such as gasoline. Both are small contributions to environmental protection.

Why not give our tips a try? Save the environment and your wallet.

As a small thank you for your support in environmental protection, you will receive a small one-time sustainable surprise for your order from us, BIOMED Labordiagnostik GmbH, from November 1st, 2021, with an order value of € 1,000.

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