Medical support for Ukraine

The collection center of the Ukrainian Catholic community in Munich is looking for medical companies and organizations to donate medical supplies and prescription drugs for clinics in Kharkiv and Zaporizzhya.

Yesterday we delivered a box of sterile dressing material and safety intravenous catheters etc. worth €1,000 to the collection point of the Ukrainian Catholic community in Munich, Heinrich-Kley-Straße 2.

For the volunteers in Heinrich-Kley-Strasse, it is almost impossible to obtain prescription medicines, especially in the required quantities. This is because, by law, doctors in Germany are not allowed to issue “blank” prescriptions and even pharmacies have their hands tied up when it comes to these quantities.

We received two lists of urgently needed prescription drugs directly from hospitals in Kharkiv and Zaporizzhya. A secure transport to the hospitals from Munich has already been organized. Only the prescription drugs are still missing.

For BIOMED, the focus is on people and, of course, on health. Therefore, we immediately decided to help the volunteer organizers with the procurement of the prescription drugs and other medical supplies. Our Ukrainian employee is now in close contact with the organizers of the collection center. She has the medical know-how to assist with the organization.


Medizinische Hilfe für die Ukraine: So können Sie helfen

Medizinische Hilfe für die Ukraine: So können Sie helfen

Medizinische Hilfe für die Ukraine: So können Sie helfen

Since we cannot obtain prescription drugs ourselves, we contacted Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V. (Pharmacists without Borders Germany). The non-profit association is exactly the right contact here. This is because it has a large network for organizing prescription drugs “unbureaucratically” and in large quantities for needy institutions. Since the collection point meets all the requirements of Pharmacists without Borders, we assume that help can be provided here. We will keep you informed about the exact outcome.

In addition to prescription medicines, the head of the Zaycev V.T. Institute of general and urgent Surgery of national Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Dr. Valeriy Boyko asks for medical aid material in “undetermined” quantity. In his official request for aid dated March 15, 2022 he asks for “as many/much as it is possible”. Therefore, our request to all our customers and suppliers in the medical field from Munich and the surrounding area: go through the list, see what you can donate and bring the urgently needed medical supplies to Heinrich-Kley-Straße 2 in Munich.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us directly. Our team is in close contact with the local organizers.

To all private individuals who are reading this post right now: Well-intentioned donations of prescription drugs from private households are rather discouraged, as certain important factors often cannot be met here. You can read more about this and why it is discouraged directly on the site of Pharmacists Without Borders.

If you still want to help, you can either support the collection point or Apotheker ohne Grenzen financially. These organizations can use the donations to procure and pass on medical aid material and also prescription drugs as needed.



Drop-off point Munich

Heinrich-Kley-Straße 2
80807 München
Mo – Fr 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sa – So 10:00 am – 15:00 pm

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