White Paper: The staining according to Pappenheim

Our new and third white paper “Staining according to Pappenheim – Protocol optimized with BIOMED Hemafix®” provides insight into staining according to Pappenheim.

We provide information in a short introduction about Pappenheim staining and why it can also be called May-Grünwald-Giemsa staining. Another section looks at the material required for staining, such as the nature of suitable preparations or the staining solutions needed. The white paper then briefly and precisely explains the complete staining method, including fixation, using the example of manual staining and the use of a suitable automatic stainer. Finally, the White Paper analyzes and evaluates the staining results.

In the Troubleshooting chapter, our White Paper shows you common errors and suitable solution suggestions.

You can find our third White Paper and other publications in our library.

Enjoy reading.

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12-12-2021 |

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